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Be Hope Church

JPA feels a deep connection to creating worship spaces that bring solace, peace and a spiritual experience, while also addressing function.
In addition to being a place for worship, religious buildings are increasingly becoming adaptable, multi- functional spaces that also serve the needs of the community.

Our team led the renovation of a large community space in Be Hope Church, which helped the congregation with its mission of helping people find hope through a relationship with Jesus.


Interior Renovation


Dayton, Ohio



Centerville Seventh Day Adventist

JPA collaborated with Andrew Circle Architects on this renovation and expansion project for Centerville Seventh Day Adventist Church. The scope of the project includes updating the worship sanctuary
to improve technology, audiovisual aids and acoustical deficiencies.

The expansion portion of the scope adds a fellowship hall and outdoor gathering space at the rear of the building.


Renovation and New Addition


Dayton, OH



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