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University of Dayton

JPA designed a series of ongoing renovations to the Science Buildings at the University of Dayton. This project includes a complete remodel of the 220 seat lecture hall located in Wohlleben Hall primarily used for Science Department demonstrations and speaking events.


The project renovated all the finishes in the space, creating new seating, improving acoustics, upgrading all the A/V technology and upgrading the existing demonstration area at the front of the room with new casework, surfaces, counter level electrical, gas and plumbing fixtures suitable for chemistry demonstrations.


Chudd Auditorium


Dayton, Ohio



Miami University

Miami University wishes to renovate an existing lecture and lab space to upgrade the finishes including lighting, as well as upgrading the finishes in the corridor adjacent to the space(s). Providing a new unisex ADA restroom in an existing (expanded) closet space is also included in the scope of renovations.

The first portion of the project includes providing visualization services to garner support and funding for the renovation work (to be completed at a later date). 


Thesken Hall


Oxford, Ohio



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