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Combined Health District

This new building serves as the headquarters for Greene County Public Health and houses the Five Rivers Health Center.

The health center includes a 4 dental chair suite, 10 standard medical exam rooms and various support functions including vital statistics and permitting
counters, executive offices, archive storage and various support services.

A large 1,100 sf multi-purpose conference room is reconfigurable to accommodate a variety of group sizes. The conference room is also able to be set up as an emergency operations center.


Health Center


Xenia, Ohio



Cincinnati VA Medical Center

Reconfiguration of the existing Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology department
patient check-in areas, waiting areas and all associated spaces on the 2nd Floor. The existing layout housed multiple check-in and waiting areas that were problematic for patients to locate.


The new configuration of the plan will consolidate the check-in and waiting areas while locating them in close proximity to the main bank of elevators to create a direct line of sight for the patients exiting the elevators. A new greeter station along with signage
for all three departments will also be positioned directly in front of the elevators for improved patient wayfinding and create a more welcoming environment.


Second Floor Renovation


Cincinnati, Ohio